It’s Nice When They Appreciate (III) The Green Couch

Marcie and I were seeing each other most nights. While we would generally hang out at my house on weekends, during the week we tended to alternate between my house and her large apartment in an older section of town. Though older, the building was well maintained, and super clean. And the rooms were quite large. Following the night described here we decided the next evening would be at Marcie’s. The attention she had paid to my cock was really intoxicating, and I knew I’d be ready for a lot more the next night. And I suspected so was Marcie.

This upcoming night was my midweek basketball night, though, and it was an important game. With a beer after the game, it would be near 11:30 – midnight before I would get to her place, so she should be prepared for that.

I gave her some instructions for the preparation.

I promised to phone her when I was leaving the bar. But she was to prep herself for my arrival. I wanted her to be waiting for me in my favorite room in her apartment … the living room. This room was quite large, with original dark oak floors, covered by an enormous oriental rug. There were 4 original iron radiators.

When I arrived she was to be naked, on the room’s couch … memorably green in color … perched on forearms and knees, her ass lifted and facing my direction. And two of her “smelly” candles were to be lit … no other lighting.

She was also to be mentally prepared for me to be ravenous with her. She was to be a total “good girl”, knowing that I potentially would be using “all” of her. Especially if we won the basketball game. Her upturned ass was to be adequately lubed, and the tube to be available nearby, just in case. I was a little more “direct” with her than normal. Marcie reacted well. I could almost see her smiling on the other end of the phone.

I wasn’t certain what would happen … nor in which order … but I was expecting it was going to be memorable.

… to be continued.

A Promise Kept

As I was driving yesterday, the song on the radio flashed my mind back like the Enterprise going into warp drive. The song, the multi-octave range of the voice, its sweetness combined with its power. Theresa did the song even better than the original artist. It was one of her signature pieces.

I suppose the song hit me so hard and sent me reeling back because like then, I’m in a melancholic, reflective frame of mind these days. Then, it was a woman, too. She continued to reject my studied advances even though I knew she welcomed them. And she did eventually come around. If anything, when Marty knows what he wants, he is persistent.

I met Theresa in a European ski club.  She was definitely a torch singer. Her voice was magnetic, and the fact she had a stunning face didn’t hurt the attraction one bit either. She was English, very solidly built, shoulder length dark hair with eyes the color of Yorkshire coal.  I won’t bore you with the courting rituals, just know that they worked. Which was interesting because Theresa did not screw around on the road. She loved her husband deeply, and was devoted to her vocation, so wandering off the path so to speak was a very unusual experience for her. But for several days and nights that week she did.

Poor Robert! He had recently moved to the West Coast, and now we would see each other and play together but once per year. And here was I, abandoning our traditional pub crawling adventures to seduce and be seduced.  He was forced to come up with his own play activities. Robert, of course, well understood.

Each evening I would catch Theresa’s last set at the Club which would be followed by a wild night of sex and wine in her room. I so delivered on the promises she yearned for and couldn’t find at home. And her pillow breasts, sweet, thick lips, and hungry body provided the sexual respites I keenly wanted and needed. We craved what each could deliver, there, and at that time. All through the witching hours of the dark alpine night and through the morning we would have at each other.

Then I would finally arise, return to my room, get ready and meet Robert and the others on the mountain for lunch and a drink, before an afternoon of hard skiing. At the best of times I could barely keep up with him. His technique and finesse were far superior to mine. But I was fit and my legs were strong , so I  could stay with him and the lead group throughout the day. But not this year. My lack of sleep through the week hobbled me on the mountain. It made Robert’s hearty laugh all the more penetrating as he watched me struggle to keep up. I was the butt of his ribald jokes all through every dinner as he inquisitioned me on what happened through the prior night. My silence and knowing, Cheshire cat smile drove him crazy.

Finally the week was done. I was to leave and Theresa’s gig was up. We never delved into each other’s hearts. We dared not. The most hidden part of our lives and souls were not to be exposed. She made me promise to never try to contact her. It was just too dangerous she said. For reasons I’m not certain I fully appreciated at the time. But I was younger then.

And I’ve kept my promise.

Midweek Fantasizing … It’s An Uber Thing

I was day dreaming again the other day. It happens. I’m a bit fixated. Call me shallow, but these days I’m avoiding deep waters.

We were headed out from the flat in London to that event we were talking about. It was fairly early in the morning. You had used your phone to hail an Uber, and I admired your loveliness while we waited. The frenetic sex earlier in the morning was even better than I had imagined.

As we climbed into the backseat of the car, I noticed the driver, in his late 20s I’d say, raise an eyebrow as you scrambled through the door. Your hotness did not escape his attention. Nor I suspect our significant age difference as he took a quick glance at me.

I smiled to myself. I had an idea. You know the kind, the way my mind works.

As the ride progressed, I got into a bit of a chit chat with the driver. Even though he was responding to me, I could tell all his glances in the rearview mirror were of you.  You were a little sleepy and were resting your pretty locks on my shoulder.

“Oh, this will be so much fun”, I thought to myself.

As the driver and I carried on our conversation, he was a little surprised at where we were going and what we would be doing. Well, in truth, he was surprised that I would be going and doing that. But it happens a lot … I surprise people with what I can do.

“She is lovely, isn’t she?” I asked as I caught him once again eyeing you.

“Umm … why yes she is, Mate. Quite.”

“Yes, I think so, too.” I answered. I turned to you as I said it, and you smiled up at me with those big dark eyes of yours.

“Say, can I ask you a favor, then?” I queried.

“Why sure, Mate … what would you like?”

“Well, it’s probably against the rules and everything, but we’ve just seen each other for the first time in a very long time … and well … you know how it is … ”

“Sir?” he asked.

I think he had an inkling, but the age thing was confusing him.

“Well, I wondered if you’d be ok if this beautiful flower pleasured me for a bit?”

“Oh! Dunno ’bout that. Despite whot you may pfink, that dudn’t really happen that often, duz it! And not in the mornings … evah”

“Well, maybe you could just look the other way. Just this once,” I said. “And if you really want, as long as you promise not to get into a crash, you can look, too.”

“Oh! That duz it then, Mate! Be my guest. Enjoy my hospitality.”

I could hear you snicker just before you released your safety belt and bent your head over my lap. You were going to enjoy this, too.

You slid my pants and shorts down to my knees. I was, of course, already erect. It doesn’t take long with you. As your tongue followed the path of my vein up and down I couldn’t help but gasp, then let out a contented sigh. Already the driver was taking stolen glimpses.

Your tongue next circled my head, then you took me quite deep right away. My loins were already on fire as I pushed my hips up towards your face.  Ever the lady, you licked the drools of saliva rolling down my cock. Looking up at me, you gave me your naughty wink.

I wouldn’t be long, especially when you began to murmur as your pace up and down was being ratcheted up.  I had one hand on your head and the other grasping the safety handle above the window.

From up front I heard a whispered “Bloody ‘ell.” All three of us were having a good time.

I cried out. I bucked. I came.

Looking up I could see the driver’s smile in the reflection of the rearview mirror.  You looked up at me again and swallowed hard.

You squeezed yourself back into your seat and smiled … “There, feel better, now?” you asked. Your seatbelt clicked into place.

“Alright then, we’re here!” the driver said as the car slowed. “Now that was a fun trip, wodn’t it!”

You slid out of the car first, to tap your phone.

Smiling at the driver with your patented sexy grin I heard you say “Yes, thank-you, it was! I certainly needed that.”

As I walked past you two, I caught his look at me. Surprised? Jealous? Amazed? Puzzled and bewildered? Yep, I think so.








Mid Week Fantasizing … Is It Any Wonder?

I awoke this morning with a smile. It struck me that I had been dreaming. About you. About us.

One of those explicit dreams I have from time to time. I guess you are on my mind. But time, distance, and circumstance keeps us apart. I suppose in my mind is the only place we will meet in the near future.

You were kneeling in front of me … what else is new? I unzipped my jeans and let you have me. You licked slowly and deliberately, across every inch of surface.  While watching the reaction in my face with those wide eyes of yours.

My hands were in your hair. But I was not directing your head. My hands were only along for the ride. This was your show. You most definitely were in charge.  You were doing what you wanted. What you craved. What you needed. What we needed.

You took all of me. Slowly and deliberately. Prolonging our pleasure. Feasting at your own pace. I know you liked having the control.  I voiced no complaint.

Is it any wonder?

Mid Week Fantasizing — The 3some

These posts (Mid Week Fantasizing) are all about fantasies. They definitely are not a documentary of my past actions. More like a potential road map of where I’d like to go … maybe.

A while ago SBW (Strikingly Beautiful Woman) and I were chatting. We talked about how she has a dream of going to Paris. And having me fuck her there on a balcony from which you can see the Eiffel Tower.

And then she has fantasies. Secret fantasies. HOT secret fantasies.

She confided in me about one that no one else knows. How much do I love that? Knowing a beautiful woman’s hot, secret fantasy! Particularly when I’m part of it! The convo went something like this …

SBW: I’d even share you with another woman. But she’d have to be VERY hot. With small tits.

Marty: You’d share me in a three-some?

SBW: Yes, I would. I’m an Alpha woman. But I would want your cum. I think that would be super hot!

SBW: You watching…me watching… I’d like that.

Marty: You both sucking my cock at the same time? That would be hot for me

SBW: Me too. Mmmm…you would like that

Marty: What would you want to do with the other woman?

SBW: I’ve never kissed one. I bet it would be so soft. I’d like to undress her. But she’d have to have small tits.

Marty: Why small tits?

SBW: That’s just what I like. With great nipples

Marty: What would you do after you undressed her? Are you going to strip for me?

SBW: We’ll let her undress me. I want her panties still on. Then I’ll touch her tits… softly first. Before kissing them. Licking her nipples. And then taking them in my mouth.

Marty: What if she’s stroking me while you do this?

SBW: Mmmm…even better. I want her to suck on my nipples. To see a beautiful girl with my nipple in her mouth would be so fucking hot! I’ll run my fingers through her hair. Tug on it. And bring her back up to my mouth. Lots of kissing. Would you like this?

Marty: I would. But I’d need something for my cock to do

SBW: We won’t leave you out. I promise. You know how much I want your cock in my mouth. But I’ll let her suck you. While I kiss her stomach. And make my way to her panties. Inhaling her.

Marty: Is she shaved?

SBW: Yes, totally. I want to kiss her through the lace. Feel how wet I’m making her panties. I’ll use my fingers to push them aside…but I want to keep them on. Then I’m going to watch you while you watch my finger slide into her pussy for the first time.

Marty: You know I love to watch you

SBW: I wonder if it will feel like my own… I’m so curious. And I want to watch your face. While your dick is in her mouth. And my finger is slipping in and out of her pussy.

Marty: Oh? No jealousy?

SBW: No! Because you’re mine. She’s just a toy. I want to taste her. I’ve only tasted myself…I’m so curious.  I’m going to take off her panties. You’re going to take off mine and put your fingers inside me. And then put them in your mouth.

SBW: I’ll lay her down and be on all fours between her spread legs. I’m going to lick her for the first time while you drive your cock into me. I want her knees up by her ears so I can lick her from her ass to her clit.

Marty: You want to rim her don’t you

SBW: I do.

SBW: Then it will be time for her to taste me on your cock. I want to watch her lick me off of your dick. Do you want to fuck her? While I sit on her face?

Marty: Perhaps I just might.

SBW:  I want you to fuck her. I’m turned around so I can look you in the eye while you fuck her. Don’t you dare cum in her!.

Marty: While you’re on her face I’ll withdraw and put my cock in your mouth.

SBW: Good, I’ve missed your cock.

Marty: Then you can taste her as I cum down your throat

SBW: I‘m going to cum while she’s eating my ass and I’m gulping down your cock.

Whew  that was very hot … there was a bit of a break and then later that evening she said:

SBW: I said some kind of fucked up kinky sex stuff

I, of course, reassured her that her words and thoughts were no such thing. They were a fantasy. A very hot one, too.

Previously we had had some discussion on the likelihood of a female trainer she sometimes uses as a part of our potential 3some. It really wasn’t going anywhere because SBW (despite her active mind!) tends to be a little timid in person.

But Marty isn’t quite as shy. I think I may have found the perfect 3rd. My … ahem … Rolodex has the just the one. Her name is Amor Rose.


For Blog Pic

Small firm tits, 32C, deliciously fit (she’s a half marathoner), and very, very beautiful, with long dark hair. Late 30s. Her nipples are outstanding, large, projecting, and dark chocolate colored. SBW will love her. And Amor Rose will love SBW. And Marty? Why he gets to make everyone happy. A win-win-win.

And let’s do it in Paris. Because that would be le glaçage sur le gateau.






A Weekend for Blowjobs (4) … Noises in the night

This is the fourth part of my weekend away with Rachel. A weekend that would be filled with blow jobs. In case you missed it, the first part is here and part (2) is here.  Part (3) is located here.

Knowing that we had a a likely aural audience I was becoming rapidly excited. I wasn’t afraid to let it be known how happy I was feeling. It didn’t take long. I cried out with a yell and arched and came hard into her mouth.

That was three blow jobs so far.

With that we both fell right asleep. The day had been long, the play with my cock effectively tiring for me.

But somewhat later I felt Rachel stir. She had found her way into my arms and I heard her whisper …

“Do you hear that? They’re at it again.”

And sure enough, from across the hall I could hear the telltale squeaks of a bed in action mixed with Scott’s unmistakable grunts.

“Hmmm,”  I replied.

Almost by default, I pinched Rachel’s right boob and nipple. It caused her to sigh and nibble my ear lobe.

We were off to the races! I slid myself down and spread her legs. As my tongue slipped between her folds I could hear Rachel sigh again. Then softly moan. Louder. I increased my pace and pressure. Even louder moaning from Rachel. Perhaps it was the turn-on of having pleasured me so many times already that day, maybe the fact this was our first weekend away, or the sounds from the room opposite, whatever the reasons Rachel reacted quickly. She bucked savagely and cried out as she spasmed to my mouth.

By now I was again rock hard. I shimmied my way up Rachel’s still quivering body and knelt above her shoulders. She parted her lips and I shoved my cock inside. This was no time for fancy moves. Face fucking 101.

I pushed hard. Deep into her mouth. I pumped faster. With each stroke she lifted her head to help get me deeper.  My need was urgent. This was animal action at its rawest.

I exploded in Rachel’s mouth. She gulped down every drop.

Are you counting? Four blow jobs since we left home.

To be continued …




Between The Times (3) … Getting The Lay Of The Land

This is a series on our young Marty. Some of the stories that laid the foundation for who he is … or perhaps more accurately, who he thinks he is.

Should you have missed the three introductory pieces, you can visit them here and here and here

As we touched down at Prestwick International Airport the excitement was reaching a crescendo. I felt ready. Ready for anything. What would I do? What would I find?

I was soon to find out.

British Customs and Immigration was relatively quick. I had been worried. A 19-year old on his own. No return plane ticket home. A relative pittance in his pockets. Probably not a likely candidate to sweep through. But I was wrong to worry. There were no awkward questions. No issues about being able to get home.

“Welcome to Britain.”

Whew! I was in! I didn’t know what to think.

With a small group of other young travelers I found my way to change some money, then boarded a bus that would take us into Glasgow proper. On the bus I remember looking at the coins, and trying to decipher them and calculate their value. There were shillings, half crowns, 6d, and 3d, and large coppers (pennies, naturally). It was all so exciting.

But let’s not continue with details. Shall we get to the heart of the matter? I feel we should.

Somehow, on that first night, our 19 year old Marty ended up alone, drunk, almost penniless in front of abandoned warehouses and buildings near the Glasgow docks after midnight. Not through any nefarious means, rather his own innocence and stupidity led him there. An unpleasant situation to be sure. Fraught with potential danger.

Surprisingly I refused to panic. I considered my options. Unfortunately I was drawing a blank, beyond finding a corner somewhere to be unobtrusive and maybe grab some sleep. Just then I heard the klop, klop, klop of a woman’s heeled shoes against pavement. In the very dim light cast by the old and few street lamps I saw a woman walking alone, headed my way. She looked to be wearing a long trench coat. I was carrying a small suitcase so I was likely to appear as no threat to her.

As she neared me I put down my valise.

“Excuse me,” I said, “but do you know if there is a youth hostel nearby?”

She stopped. Looked at me incredulously. In the shadows it was hard to make out her features, but she seemed to be early to mid 30s, medium height, with shoulder length dark hair. Not unattractive.

“Oh Luv, there’s nothing like that near here. Are you lost? How did you get yourself here?”

I confessed my innocence and stupidity . How I had been led here by false promises of transportation. How I was fresh off the plane. How I had only a few British pounds in my pocket.

“Oh my. You can’t stay here Luv. Come with me. You can sleep on my couch. And my husband will drive you to the motorway in the morning.”

“Thank you!” I answered. “Are you sure it will be ok?”

“Yes, Luv. It’s fine. Come with me”.

As we walked towards her flat, I learned that Deidre was just coming home after her shift as a barmaid. She was Irish, and she and her husband and small child had made their home in Glasgow for 5 years.

We shortly arrived at a tumble down apartment building. After walking up 2 flights of stairs, we entered Deidre’s flat. A small,  one bedroom. The couch was in the tiny sitting room, and Deidre immediately set to work making it up for me. I was very tired. Sleep had been non existent for almost 2 days now.

“Can I get you anything, Luv? Will you be alright?”

“Oh yes, I’m fine,” I replied. “And thank you so much, again.”

“Good night”, she said as she headed to the bedroom.

“Good night, Deidre.”

I’m sure I was asleep before my head hit the pillow. Exhausted and relieved at my good fortune.

Then sometime later I awoke. I could see a light from under the door in the nearby bathroom. Momentarily, Deidre came out and approached the couch. She crouched down beside me and whispered.

“Are you alright Marty, dear?”

“Yes, I’m fine, thank you Deidre.”.

“Good,” she said as she lightly brushed her hand along the length of my face. Then she softly kissed my lips. I was taken aback. With sleep still controlling me, I couldn’t really think. What was happening here? But I instinctively kissed her back. Her lips pressed harder in return. And before I knew it, Deidre had slipped her hand under the sheet covering me and had found its way inside my jockies. Despite my fatigue, my cock reacted instantly. Youth will do that I imagine.

She slowly stroked while we continued to kiss. I was perplexed, but didn’t fight it. Deidre pulled off the covering sheet. I slid the jockies down. Without another word or sound my cock was between her lips. I gasped in excitement and wonder. She slowly sucked. Then ran her tongue up and down my length.

“You have to be quiet, Luv. We don’t want to wake Gerry.”

I mumbled an agreement and bit my lip.

It wasn’t long. I arched and held my breath, trying to be totally silent.

Deidre kissed me. Got up and headed to the bathroom again. I could hear her brushing her teeth as I fell again into a deep sleep.

A few hours later I met Gerry as he came over and woke me up and introduced himself. I quickly hit the bathroom, washed, cleaned up. We had tea and toast for breakfast. Then it was into his Mini for the ride to the Motorway for me to continue my journey as he headed off to work.

I wasn’t a great conversationalist. I really didn’t feel like talking. And what could I say?


A Weekend for Blowjobs (3) … Cookie’s Influence

This is the third part of my weekend away with Rachel. A weekend that would be filled with blow jobs. In case you missed it, the first part is here and part (2) is here.

Then she reached over, unzipped my pants, and sucked me off right there on the city street! I have no idea how she got me erect and had me cumming so fast given my mood. But she did. And I did.

That was two blow jobs in the car before we had even arrived at my friend’s apartment.

I was now totally relaxed. Despite the late hour, the long drive, and the previous harrowing experience on the interstate, I had no tension whatsoever. Take note ladies how you can easily make your man relax …

After a few more false turns and unexpected delays, we finally found my friend’s apartment. It was now after midnight. The apartment was the bottom floor of an older, well to do executive home from the early 1920s. As my childhood chum Scott greeted us, through the dim lighting I marveled at the intricate detail of the crown molding and the rest of the surroundings. It was beautiful.

Scott had never met Rachel, though he had heard much of her from me. I could see from the twinkle in his eye, he approved.

Scott’s “date” for the weekend had not yet arrived. During the car trip down, I had explained to Rachel what the situation was. I wanted to avoid surprises and any embarrassment for all parties. Scott’s date this weekend was Cookie, an exotic dancer who had become enamored with him. We had met Cookie a couple of months previous. She was working at the city’s most notorious strip club. And naturally, Scott frequented it, and I had become very familiar with it during my several recent visits. Cookie was bright, engaging, and fun to be around. And I probably don’t need to add, with amazing tits and ass. How on earth she came to be fascinated by Scott still remains one of life’s great mysteries. I had explained all this to Rachel. Cookie was to come over after she finished her late night shift at the peeler bar, and Rachel was looking forward to meeting her. Cookie would, naturally, stay the night.

While we waited for Cookie’s arrival, beers and a bottle of wine were opened. Events were caught up on. Not too long thereafter, a gentle knock on the front door announced our highly anticipated guest’s entrance. Dressed in light sweater and slacks, she gave Scott a big kiss and then another one for me, too. It had been a month since I had seen her. I could see Rachel was wide-eyed, and a little shy. Nothing could perturb Cookie though, and she gave Rachel an affectionate cheek kiss in meeting.

We were all tired, so after one more quick drink, it was time to hit the hay. Rachel’s and my room was just across the hall from Scott’s. Rachel and I quickly stripped and began to snuggle. While we were gently kissing, we heard it. The noise from across the hall. It was clear Cookie was giving Scott a blowjob as we could hear the sounds of her slurping through two doors. And Scott’s gasping and grunts. Rachel looked up at me and smiled. She was getting turned on, I knew.

She slowly slid down between my legs and started on my balls. Then licks along my shaft. Swirls around the head. I think Rachel felt like she needed to compete with the noises across the hallway.

“So big,” she said in a not so soft voice. “So hard! I love sucking you.”

Knowing that we had a a likely aural audience I was becoming rapidly excited. I wasn’t afraid to let it be known how happy I was feeling. It didn’t take long. I cried out with a yell and arched and came hard into her mouth.

That was three blow jobs so far.

To be continued …




A Weekend for Blowjobs (2)

This is the second part of my weekend away with Rachel. A weekend that would be filled with blow jobs. In case you missed it, the first part is here …

As my body lurched upward in ecstasy, suddenly I realized I needed to turn the wheel hard and brake as quickly as I could in this unfamiliar car! Unknowingly I had floored it and goddamn it but we were headed for a big curve and I had obviously missed the warning signs to slow down dramatically …

Remember neither of us had our seat belts fastened and Rachel was part way in my lap. I extended my arm out to hold her back. I braked as hard as I could without throwing the both of us into the windshield. I used all my strength in my left arm to turn the wheel into the curve. Luckily I didn’t have time to worry about what the first responders would think when they saw my dick cut into pieces from flying glass.

Rachel was super cool. She said nothing. No screaming, no crying, not even a gasp. Perhaps it all happened too fast.  We sailed into the turn and made it through! Not even into another lane or a fish tail. Even now I can remember how great my post orgasmic joy was. Different of course from the usual, but no less satisfying.  Now I realize how fortunate I was to not have my road head displayed on a splattered platter.

After we straightened out and I had the car comfortably under control, Rachel sat up and put on her safety belt.

“Oh, that almost ended badly,” Rachel quietly said.

“No kidding!” I replied.

We drove on in silence for several minutes, undoubtedly both realizing how close our cravings had brought us to near disaster. Then Rachel broke the quiet.

“I did love sucking your cock though. A lot.” And then she giggled. The air was lightened.

Not too much time passed and we came off the interstate, then on to a local expressway, down a ramp, and into the edges of the core of the city.  I had never been to my friend’s new apartment, so I was trying to remember his directions. It was now after midnight. We finally got into the area near his apartment. It was a bit of an older, upscale neighborhood, with short streets and lots of stop signs. The older street lamps weren’t particularly bright, so seeing the names of cross streets was somewhat difficult … this was long before GPS … heck we didn’t even have mobile phones back then … and my frustration was beginning to rise.

Drive 75 yards. Then stop. Try and see the name of the cross street. 75 more yards. Stop. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat …

“What’s that street?” I asked Rachel.

“I can’t really see,” she sighed.

“Grrrr,” I growled.

“Ok,” Rachel said. “Pull over. We’ll figure this out. You need to be calm”.

Somewhat reluctantly I edged the car ahead and pulled off to the side.

“Turn the engine off,” Rachel said.

Then she reached over, unzipped my pants, and sucked me off right there on the city street! I have no idea how she got me erect and had me cumming so fast given my mood. But she did. And I did.

That was two blow jobs in the car before we had even arrived at my friend’s apartment.


To be continued …




A Weekend for Blowjobs (1)

This is another story about Rachel. You can learn more about her here and here should you be interested, or may have forgotten about her. I sure haven’t.

We had been been dating for about 6 weeks or so, and the sex was building, and commencing to be quite good.  I invited her to come along with me to a weekend in a large city about 6 hours up the road. Some old high school and college friends of mine (both genders by the way) had planned a rather wild weekend, and I thought Rachel would fit in rather well.

She was very keen to go along but under the proviso that we take her brand new car. It was a stick shift, you see, and her skills with a manual transmission were a little rusty. I was a bit taken aback, but also flattered, that she was anxious to trust me with her major new purchase.

We headed out after work on a Friday evening, fighting the traffic out of the city, and knowing we had a long drive ahead. But no matter; this was our first weekend away together, and despite staying with an old friend in his new apartment, I promised her we would have fun and it would be a sex-filled two days.

As we drove along the interstate I tried to describe several of my friends and their various idiosyncrasies. Like “Tall One” (6′ 5″) who only dated girls 5’2 ” or shorter, “Memory Stick” who had a photographic memory of every Hustler magazine he had ever seen (and he had “read” them all), and our host who was a big fan of strippers. In fact, his bedmate this weekend was a rather busty dancer we had befriended the month previous at a particularly notorious establishment, (but perhaps that’s TMI?)  All these characters only served to tantalize Rachel’s innate curiosity. She could hardly wait to get there.

We were not far past half way in our voyage, darkness had begun to set in, and I was feeling a stirring in my cut off jeans. I casually mentioned this .. cough … fact to Rachel and she didn’t miss a beat. Unbuckling she glanced over and with a wink … sigh … she said, “I guess I better get busy then.”

I followed her example and unlatched my safety belt. “That would be good!” I replied quickly.

She sidled towards me and deftly undid my pants’ belt. Another quick move and she had the button undone and my fly down. With her left hand on my shoulder, her right reached in and began to stroke my stiffening cock.

“That didn’t take long” she chuckled.

“I’m all about anticipation, Rachel” I replied. “And I’m anticipating feeling very good real soon.”

As Rachel began licking my length I needed to concentrate. Not on her, though I wanted to of course, but on my driving. We were doing more than 70 mph, plus even though dusk was setting in, I knew the truckers we passed would have a pretty good view.  I didn’t exactly want the toot of horns from 18-wheelers to disturb my concentration, nor Rachel’s.

Over the past 6 weeks we had been working on Rachel’s technique. She was certainly a keen student and was a very quick learner. Sometimes too quick I think. For 15 to 20 minutes she teased me. She showed me no mercy. She had me at the brink oh so many times. Either because of our passing a trucker, or purely from the sinister pleasure she was deriving, she’d lift her head from her perch and momentarily look like a good girl in the passenger seat. I couldn’t stand it.

I don’t beg, but if I were honest, I’d have to say I was pretty close to very serious pleading. Rachel was enjoying every second of my discomfort-pleasure. Dare I say she was lapping it up?

Finally neither of us could postpone the moment. I cried out with a yell as I dumped into her sucking mouth.

As my body lurched upward in ecstasy, suddenly I realized I needed to turn the wheel hard and brake as quickly as I could in this unfamiliar car! Unknowingly I had floored it and goddamn it but we were headed for a big curve and I had obviously missed the warning signs to slow down dramatically …

To be continued