The Last Post (Redux)

0002121c_medium[1]There are things on my mind these days. Sometimes I can be a vacillator.  I waver. I can consider all factors, weigh their merits, make up my mind, and then move on. But not far. Because … sigh … I might change my mind.

This is one of those times. As I recently told the Divine Miss M  (I know you are full throated Madeline, but do you sing?) I’m kind of a “pull the bandaid off slowly type of guy”. The r-r-r-i-i-p-p-p-i-n-g it off in one go is not my style, so rather than end the blog so abruptly, I’m going to ease into my disappearance. Besides, I have so many half finished posts that need to be attended to.

And I have more stories to tell. One of the initial purposes of this tiny corner of the internet was to trace for myself how I became what I have become. I haven’t done that very well. Another task left unfinished. That does not sit well with yours truly.

So there will be more. From the past. For a while.

Thanks (in advance) for your considerate understanding of my abundant failings.