She Strips The Boundaries Away … The Black Bra

I certainly don’t take it for granted. How could I when I’m not even aware it may be happening? The woman just likes to please. As in ME, moi, mich. And I couldn’t be happier.

Take the other day for instance. Late in the morning I received this from her …

“I masturbated this morning thinking about you. You made me cum hard.”

Oh, I really like that,” I answered. “What were you thinking?”

“About our first time.”

“Mmmmm,” I answered.

“Our first kiss. Then you made me strip. And kneel.”

She continued “Then, of course, I pictured my favorite. Me sitting on your face. Arms tied with your belt.”

I smiled. Then frowned because I had to rush off to an appointment.

“Later!” I typed.

We were back on texting in the afternoon about several different things. Some fairly mundane. Several items less so.

I remember asking her “Did you get yourself off again?”

“No. You?”

“No, but I’m horny.” I might have mentioned that fact earlier in the day, too. “Send me a pic, please.”

“Of what?”

“You,” I said.

“My face?” she queried.

“Face. Or ass. Or tits.”

60 seconds later in came a pic of her beautiful … smiling face.  I was thrilled.

“Gorgeous,” I replied.

She has pushed my boundaries. Normally you might expect I would be disappointed by only a picture of her smile. But not at all. She has got me just where she wants me. Has me being more patient even. I puttered around for a few minutes on various things before maybe “you know what ing”.

17 minutes after that … a video.

“How’s that?” she asked.

I watched my screen transfixed. There she stood smiling.Tall, lean, in a black sweatshirt and dark running shorts. She ran her hands through her soft mane. Cross armed, she slowly lifted off her top. Swelling breasts were barely contained in an alluring black bra. I intently watch her taut stomach muscles flex, then relax.

I’m not relaxed at all. Far from hit. Eyes burned to the screen, right hand dipping into jeans.

A dip of her head coupled with her ravishing smile, then thumbs into shorts.She teases me as the shorts get lowered, momentarily half off, then slipped completely down. A quarter turn to deftly flash the side of a tight ass cheek. I’m getting very hard.

Then a three-quarter turn back toward the camera. My eye catches her trimmed pussy patch of bush, so delicately balanced between her strong, firm athletic legs.  My right hand begins to stroke. My gaze moves up from her pussy, past her taut abdomen, to lust longingly at that black bra.  And the D-cup  treasures it supports.

Her delicate hands slowly unclasp the black supporting garment. She smiles and teases with her slow, deliberate movement. My hand movements accelerate.

Her hands move up to the top of the cup, gently following the edge, then along the length of the bra straps, pulling them part way down. Next she moves to the covering black cups. Slowly they are lowered, briefly caressing her nipples that are obviously now hard..

Her tits dare me to stare, her nipples pointing upward. The beautiful black bra, now hanging useless in her left hand is carelessly tossed. She stands but for a brief mini second, fully displayed before me. Proud. Mine. Her boundaries now expanded.

I finish what I’m doing.




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