The Ski Break … Part (1)

The recent Marty-replay I did with a story about Marcie stirred some old memories. It brought another story to mind.

One winter she told me that her company was having a business week’s retreat at a small ski resort about a day’s drive from where we lived.  I knew this resort well as I had spent a lot of time there across the seasons a few years before. And it struck me I was ready to take a ski holiday, so I told Marcie I was going to book a room there, ski during the day, then fuck her brains out and have her perform for me at night after her company’s evening activities were done. Marcie thought this was a marvelous idea; her girlie juices began to flow just at the thought. She reminded me, though,  since spouses and companions weren’t allowed, I’d have to be incognito the whole week. Now this really sounded like fun!

I left very early on the Monday morning to drive, while Marcie and her colleagues flew in to the resort late Monday afternoon.  They arrived a few hours before I did. I was in the dining room having just begun my supper when Marcie and her group came in after having finished their welcoming reception.

She spotted me right away. And I her. And we both caught the other’s slight smile. I was horny already.  I wondered what her group had on for the evening after dinner, and how long it would last. I finished my dinner and went up to my room, anticipating a highly sexed evening, but a bit annoyed because I had no clue as to the timing.

Shortly after 8:30 the phone in my phone rang. It was Marcie!

“All done,” she said. “Can I come up?”

“Get your pretty ass up here, pronto! ” I said.”You know what’s waiting for you.”

“Mmmmmmm,” Marcie panted. “I’m on my way!”

90 seconds later there was a light tap on the door. I rose from my chair, quickly went over and opened the door.  A big smile on her face, Marcie stepped into the room.

I put my arms around her slim, taut body, pressing my already full erection into her and kissed her deeply.

Let the fun begin I thought.



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